Flavor & quality, allways.

We are a Company with more than 100 years of experience in food manufacturing and we have achieved this due to the quality and reliability of our products. We will continue investing and innovating in order to develop new categories that will satisfy our customers and enlarge Morixe´s family of consumers.
Leveraged on the quality and competitiveness of our products, we are launched to compete regionally.

The beginnings

As from 1901 we are a company devoted to the manufacturing of the highest quality wheat flours for the elaboration of the best bread, fresh and dried pasta, and the gourmet desserts and pastries. As from the company’s founding, five generations of this family have run the company uninterruptedly with the aim to bring the best flour of the market throughout the country.

Innovation, New mill

Morixe moves its plant and administrative office to the Caballito neighborhood. A new flour mill is installed, which is directly connected to the railway network, making easy the entrance and exit of raw materials and flours. The building of this new mill, highlighted at the national and international flour industry for its size, implied the completion of an innovation process.

Acquisition of a new mill

In 1993 Morixe acquires the Bautista Guglielmetti Mill, at Benito Juárez district, in the inner part of Buenos Aires Province.

Incorporation os new technologies

By the year 2007 the Caballito premises are sold and the machinery is moved to Benito Juárez, and new technologies are incorporated, thus assembling one of most modern mill in the country.

New Owners

A new Board of Directors acquires the Company, and an era of investments in state-of-the-art packaging technologies begins.

The Morixe food portfolio starts

Integration with new food businesses, frozen potatoes, olives, olive oil, breadcrumbs that form a new foods family, becoming an umbrella brand synonym of quality with historical value.