6 Jul, 2022 /

The new Morixe sponge cakes have arrived

Richer, spongy and easier cakes to make!


Whether on a birthday, at snack time or after eating, the sponge cake is a classic that is always there when we want something rich and sweet. That is why we are happy to announce the first two products of our confectionery line: the Vanilla flavored sponge cake and the Chocolate flavored sponge cake.

After intense development, we arrived at the ideal premix to achieve a final product that has all the benefits we were looking for: easy to prepare, rich, spongy and nutritious.

You just have to add three eggs, 220cm3 of milk and butter and flour to a mold. In less than 10 minutes of preparation and 60 minutes of cooking they are ready. Once finished, they yield a total of 12 portions and can be enjoyed on their own, because they are delicious, or used as a base for other preparations such as cakes, desserts, muffins, and many more recipes that we will be testing and uploading in our cookbook.

Do not forget to check if they already have it in your trusted store and enjoy a unique quality and flavor to accompany your special moments.