23 Oct, 2020 /

Maru Botana Chose Morixe

The Pastry Chef Nr. 1 from Argentina chose Morixe to make her self-rising flour

All the great chefs and pastry chefs of Argentina and the world have something in common, they are very demanding when it comes to selecting the products with which they elaborate their creations. They always look for the best ingredients of the best quality to prepare the richest dishes. That is why we want to tell you that we are inflated with pride and joy that Maru Botana, the No. 1 pastry chef in Argentina, has chosen Morixe to make and market its self-rising flour. We try hard when we make our products, we always aim for the best quality. Today Maru Botana guarantees it. And we are so proud that we ended up singing this note. Mo, Mo, Morixe already is, in food the best !!!!